2018 projects


overlap - latin america

Tepotzlan, Mexico

Overlap Latin America is an invitation to wade into the space in which cities, borders and citizenship are ready for redesign.  We will explore examples of efforts to engage with these vital "givens" of political life as innovators strive to introduce more resilient cities, more open borders and more sustainable models of citizenship. 

Overlap - Latin America 

Jaguara - the roar of the jaguar

Bogota, Colombia and Los Angeles, USA

JAGUARA is a collaborative project by an interdisciplinary collective of artists, designers, scientists, musicians, ancestral knowers, ecologists, communicators, teachers, technicians, and artisans from different areas of the American continent. 

We are uniting our voices and spirits to co-create a mutant-vehicle portraying a Jaguar emerging from the Amazon River. Through this artful celebration of the Jaguar, we want to raise awareness about the vulnerability of the main refuge of the Jaguar: the Amazon rainforest.

This powerful and sacred being emerges from the water to remind us, through music and light textures, of the vital beat of the jungle that pumps life to our continent and preserves the balance of global climate. 

Jaguara, the messenger from the rainforest, is calling us to join our hearts, voices, and actions towards the conservation of the home of the jaguar, for the sake of our own home, planet earth, and our own existence.


Please watch our Video on Jaguara


christina: queen of the brc

Lake Tahoe, USA

A beloved icon of Black Rock City comes back this year as Christina 2.0. 



Atlanta, USA

Experience the explosive and fiery art of Incendia

Experience Incendia



London, United Kingdom

Galaxia celebrates hope in the unknown, stars, planets, black holes, the movement uniting us in swirling galaxies of dreams.


la calaca festival

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This Meso-American holiday is centered on the understanding that death is merely a part of life’s cycle, and remembers friends and family members who have died. The dates of the celebration are the same as the Christian All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween), All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day.

La Calaca Festival

Onda Linda

Costa Careyes, Mexico

A festival supporting indigenous communities throughout Mexico including the Huichol and Purépecha peoples. The funds generated have enabled these communities to invest in basic infrastructure and resources, educating and raising awareness for their causes, and helping them achieve sustainability on a long-term basis.

Onda Linda