Not all camps are created equal!!!!

Play)A(Skool prides itself on many things, including it’s organization and its ability to help facilitate an AMAZING Burning Man experience through YOUR participation.  We are NOT a Plug & Play camp ---  we want you to have a good time while also being involved in the camp. In 2018 we are an "invite-only" camp with limited participants.  We REQUIRE you to volunteer and help make PlayaSkool a magical experience for all.


  • Full power grid 24/7 which will hook directly into your RV, tent and yurts. 
  • Black and Grey water pumping during the week.
  • Water refill for RV's (NOT drinking water)
  • One of the most exciting and interactive spaces on the Playa, including the newly designed camp including our new playground and lounge.  Whether you want to relax, mingle, and dance the night away --- we've got the place for you.
  • Our sexy shower trailer
  • Private camp porta-potties
  • Our Food including Breakfast and Delicious Dinner served by our own Chef Carmelo and team! 
  • Ground-breaking programming and EPIC parties with some of the worlds top DJ's
  • Some of THE best/biggest/baddest art cars on the playa.
  • The most interesting, dynamic, and global group of campers you will find. 
  • PlayaSkoolers come from over 21 countries globally 
  • And so much more! 

Now listen --- We do our best to provide you everything we can -  but it's the Playa and therefore we make NO guarantees. This is YOUR camp and we depend on your volunteerism to make this work! 




Play)A(Skool is on a first-come, first-served basis and only through invite.  


Why do you want to join PlayaSkool?

What special skill do you bring to the Playa?

What area do you want to volunteer in and why?




"Leave No Trace"

Greeting, Registration

In-Year Admin and Operations



Please email us at with your name, email address, phone number and answers to these questions and one of our Fakulty members will contact you. 


REMEMBER - Play)A(Skool makes a BEST EFFORT to facilitate services but makes NO guarantee.  It's the Playa and shit happens.