THE WHO --- It's important to know ---


These are keys words in our Mission at PlayaSkool.

Back in 2016, Michael Henderson, Martin Wolfgang Michlmayr, Steven Issley and I had the chance to participate in several conversations about PlayaSkool while we visited Ahau Tulum, Mexico over the  New Years Eve celebrations then.  We were all fortunate to be a part of the special magic that Skoolerd David Graziano and Miguel Couchenal have been creating in Tulum.  We were joined by many Skoolers who over the years have been a part of this growing family and it was really special to be surrounded by people who's lives have been touched by what we do.  More importantly, to hear the stories of how their experiences at Burning Man and PlayaSkool have helped them realize their dreams and goals in the real world --- which is very much WHY we do WHAT we do!  

We were also joined by other theme camp organizers, art car designers and enthusiasts, radically participatory burners, and many others.  Through the course of a week, we were asked some really key questions and both Michael and I are really grateful to be able to have met with those who expressed real interest in knowing primarily the following:  who we are and more importantly are not, what we do, who we serve and what we are all about.

Few people realize that PlayaSkool began when a large group of us were "priced out" of our seed camps.  In order to decrease the number of people in these camps we had participated in, the organizers raised their dues dramatically in hopes to "cull out" those who didn't have the money to belong.  A group of seven incredible leaders -- Michael HendersonNicole SchmidtScott PackJay RockliffeEmre ÖzaltinAnnette Özaltin and myself banded together to create PlayaSkool and a platform to bring together our friends from around the world to share their experiences and bring those back to their communities --- to "bridge the gap" between the playa and the real world.

In the beginning, we didn't have our name.  We called ourselves the Proletariats.  The proletariat is a term for the class of wage-earners (especially industrial workers), in a capitalist society, whose only possession of significant material value is their labor-power (their ability to work); a member of such a class is a proletarian.  

Our mechanism for sharing and giving back was a "school" where we are all teachers, students, and participants.  It was actually Skooler Dr. Claire Thompson who came up with the name PlayaSkool.  Of course, the boys wanted to have a shower camp . . . we girls wanted something of more substance and Annette, Nicky and I began discussing the basic concept of SHARING. We believed then that if we could frame the concept of shared experiences within the principles of Burning Man where everyone is invited, included, accepted and involved, we could create a powerful community OUTSIDE of Black Rock City --- our impact being focused outwardly --- much like the TED platform.  PlayaSkool would be a place to invite our friends to come and SHARE with each other and the rest of Black Rock City.  Our desire was to foster personal GROWth through these experiences of SHARING. We believe that when we GROW we are LEARNING and looking for meaning both inside our own experience but more importantly outside of Black Rock City back in our own communities. When we bring this experience back to the world, we help EVOLVE our lives and the lives of those around us.  

Through the years, we too have EVOLVED as a community.  But we have not strayed from what we believe:  we are a global community of movers and shakers who believe that Black Rock City is place for us to meet and share our experiences with one and all with a goal of changing communities around the globe.  

This past year, I personally had the experience of bringing the TEDx format to Morelia, Mexico.  What is your story?  What are you bringing back into your communities around the world Skoolers?  What impact are you having out there?  And how are you planning to share that when you come HOME to PlayaSkool and Black Rock City this year?  How will you SHARE with others in order to help them LEARN from your experience so they can GROW and create their own?  

There's a lot of talk about Plug and Play or Turn Key Camping and because of how we are perceived, we have often been incorrectly pegged as a Plug & Play camp.  Truth be told, I actually coined the term "Plug & Play" while openly participating in meetings with Harley Dubois, Burning Man founder.  Part of our modis operendi is openness and I participated to SHARE in hopes of LEARNING AND GROWING AND EVOLVING.  Throughout this process we continue to learn that people believe what they want to believe and for the record, we've never sought to provide tours or to create an experience for you --- YOU create your OWN experience at PlayaSkool. We invite our friends from around the globe that have something to SHARE with our community and the larger Burning Man community.  We are not exclusive and seek to find a way for anyone interested to be a part of our community.  It's that simple.  

Our Mission is to foster positive change in the world . Whether that's through helping Skoolers with their TEDx programs in communities in Mexico or providing support for Skoolers in Greece helping aid Syrian refuges or providing assistance to women in Cambodia or helping to consolidate the global efforts for bringing awareness to issues like housing, water, or climate change to throwing one-of-a klnd events in London, New York, Toronto, Mexico City, or wherever you Skoolers are having an impact --- PlayaSkool is a global social impact organization with proven positive results. 

Over the next few weeks I will talk more about this on our website: in in our blog.  I encourage you to share your own stories of how you are having an impact and how you can share that at Burning Man with others.  

It's important that SKOOLERS understand and be able to communicate our Mission. This is YOUR camp, YOU are PlayaSkool. We look forward to what you bring to Burning Man this year to SHARE.

In love and dust . . .

Headmaster Janus

Burning Man 2018 - Start your engines!

It's amazing how fast a year goes and here we are in the midst of planning for 2018 already.  For those of you who are returning to PlayaSkool this year it's time to dust off your goods and get ready for another EPIC SkoolYear at PlayaSkool.  We have already been planning for months and we have some really great plans.  For those of you considering joining PlayaSkool this year, we encourage you to plan early and contact us soon as we have limited space this year and as we always say, "The Early Bird Gets the Worm."

We are excited to announce that we have a very large and active Fakulty this year with each person dedicated to making sure that the art, the interactivity, the camp, the food, the organization and the FUN are the best we've ever done --- since that's the goal --- to get better at doing what we do!  

Our motto is simple:  SHARE, LEARN, GROW and EVOLVE and this year will see PlayaSkool doing just that.  We have more art, more music, more activities and more FUN planned.  

For those interested please check out the link on the home page of our website that says, BURNING MAN 2018 INFO HERE.  That will take you to our Burning Man 2018 Info page which will guide you through our Registration process.  

Make sure you also check out our Project Calendar for the year.  We have a robust calendar of in-year activities planned including events in NYC, DC, LA, SF and more!  

Start your engines Skoolers and buckle in because this year is going to be and EPIC ride ----


Maximize your chance to get tickets! Read how here:

At some point soon, tickets will be announced. Are you ready Skoolers? Here is how can you maximize your chances to get tickets?

1. Create your Burner profile beforehand.

2. Create a Ticketfly account beforehand.

3. Register for the individual sale – opens this Wednesday, Feb 11 at noon. Registration is open for several days, so (theoretically) it doesn’t matter whether you are there right on the dot of 12:00:01.

4. On Feb 18th, the day the sale begins, log in as soon as possible after noon. Getting there before 12:00:00 to be in the queue early didn’t seem to help last year.

5. Instead of going through the web site, if you were emailed a link, click the link in the email, a few seconds after it turns noon.

6. If the link does not work, or the site crashes, don’t be disheartened. Keep trying. Even if it says “no” or “sold out”, try again a few minutes later.

7. Reboot your computer shortly before noon, and don’t have a whole bunch of other browser windows open – this may help avoid technical issues.

8. You could try using a few different browsers, if you have any technical issues. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer – all seem to work fine.

9. Have the right debit or credit card. They accept only VISA and Mastercard, not Amex. They don’t accept PayPal or Bitcoin.

10. Make sure there is enough money in your account, or credit left on your card.

11. Notify your bank in advance of the transaction, in case it triggers a fraud warning (some Burners have reported this problem).

12. Use a US credit card if you have the luxury of choosing. Some Burners reported problems in earlier sales for overseas buyers

13. Don’t listen to Burners giving you advice on the ticketing system based on their past experiences. Ticketing changed last year to Ticketfly, so the current system is still new. What worked in the past, may have little bearing on your chances to get tickets today.

14. When asked how many times you’ve been to Burning Man, say “0”. Statistically, Virgins are the largest group who get tickets – for the last 3 years, somehow there have consistently been 40% Virgins. Whether this is a pure fluke (3 times in a row and always about the same ratio), or whether the system has been designed that way, the fact is the people who say they have been to Burning Man 0 times are in the group that gets the most tickets every year. Chance favors the Virgin, in this “random” distribution.


We anticipate this to be THE MOST DIFFICULT YEAR ON RECORD to get tickets.  If you don't get a ticket in the first-round, DO NOT LET THAT DETER YOUR PLANS.  You will pay through the NOSE if you hold off on the rest of your plans until you get a ticket.  The cost of EVERYTHING goes up as you get closer to the event.  So, if you don't get a ticket keep on with your plans and start putting it out there that you are looking for tickets.  

In Love and Dust,

Headmaster Janus

Play)A(Skool 2014 - A New Year

Another year is here . . . 2014 . . . Caravansary . . . and there is a lot going on already.  Not only has the Art Theme been announced, but the ticket plan for 2014 has been announced as well.  So, ready or not . . . the time has come.  Are you coming HOME this year? 

Then time to pay attention: