Things are humming along . . .

And now the real work begins . . . the Fakulty has worked over the past 4 months planning for this moment and here it is . . . Play)A(Skool 2013 has been placed!  We are very excited about being at 3:00 and Esplanade this year for many, many reasons.  But some of you probably are wondering, "What?!" or scratching your heads wondering what we are thinking?!  The 3:00 Keyhole this year is going to be a very exciting place to be.  We are sharing this space with some amazing camps, each part of a larger collaboration called, "Aspire."  In fact, the reason that we are all camping together is no mistake. 

Aspire is the shared vision of a group of regional coordinators, theme camp and village leaders, and organizational leaders who met at the 2013 Burning Man Global Leadership Conference.  The vision included the creation of a collaborative learning center in which several camps would participate in the interactivity, art, programming and of course, fun! 

This being said, we also realized that being near each other is key to our ability to create a 24/7 Interactivity zone.  So after several meetings, including one with Placement, we were convinced that the suggestion to develop a keyhole in Black Rock City to make this happen would be a great opportunity for each of us.  Of course we wanted 7:30 or even 9:00.  But if we would be given consideration by Placement if we put a plan together that showed how Aspire would work at 3:00.  Based on that plan, the following camps created Aspire:  

Play)A(Skool, IDEATE, La Calaca Village, Kostume Kult, Sacred Cow, Enclave, Black Rock City French Quarter and Kardashev III. 

Now, maybe we all drank the Kool-Aid from Placement.  But the message from them this year was loud and clear:  expect the unexpected.  That is to say, nothing is in stone with Placement and they have in the past moved things around on Playa to make things interesting, and we expect that to be the case this year.  Plus, we love the randomness of it anyways! Right? It's part of the experience.   

So we've gone full steam ahead on this initiative and have begun the planning for not one but TWO domes this year . . . our 60' Dome plus an additional 30' Dome.  And with two domes we will be featuring a variety of programs including music, art, movies, performances, talks, demonstrations, dances, and more.  And not only are we hosting TEDxBlackRockCity for a third-year, but we are adding several other very important programs including New Tech City: Social Innovations Future Conference, Space Summit, Burning Nerds Global UN-Conference, All Things Burning Man Conference, and our first-annual Art Car Forum. 

This year PlayaSkool will also have it's first-ever "Student Lounge" or a space for us to eat, relax, play, enjoy and explore.  The Lounge is sure to be a destination on the Playa.  Without giving away too much just yet . . . it comes with a dj's, lights, kitchen, dining room and yes a baby grand piano.  We will be dining here daily as well so it will serve for multiple purposes for us. 

So . . . we've got A LOT happening right now.  Much, much more than this and much, much more than meets the eye.  So . . . watch back here later and check out our blog for more details of planning PlayaSkool 2013.