And HERE WE GO!!! PlayaSkool 2015

Hello Skoolers!  

Well, we are off and running at PlayaSkool Headquarters with LOTS of exciting things going on and many announcements ahead.  A quick reminder to please make sure you are checking BOTH the PlayaSkool webpage AND our Facebook pages regularly.  Those doing so found good information which helped many Skoolers get tickets this year, for example.  

You may have already seen my posts on Facebook about the INCREDIBLE donation we got from PlayaSkoolers Michael and Benny Revah this year.  You can check out some of their incredible furnishings, room planners and catalogues at: ZUO MODERN  --- With this amazing gift, we are in the process of planning a new PlayaSkool Lounge and Dining Commons.  And it couldn't happen at a better time.  THANK YOU Michael and Benny. 

We have received a lot of feedback from 2014 and of course, we have our own observations as participants and Fakulty.  By and large, the strongest pieces of feedback were regarding the food and the lack of community and family time.  The purpose of this blog post is to tell you . . . we hear you LOUD and CLEAR.  And we take your feedback seriously.  That's why we are all very excited about the donation of the lounge furniture, for starters.  But many other Skoolers have stepped up to help create a better experience as well and we will be talking about that soon, but back to the feedback. 

One of the key elements of PlayaSkool in the past has been our dinners.  Dinner is a time for all of us to come together and have a shared meal, connect with one another, share stories and really "commune" as a camp.  We have focused so much on our "outward" interactivity that we've neglected our "inward" duties to one another.  This year we are changing that with the creation of our new Lounge.  The intent of the lounge is to have a space that is for Skoolers to gather, relax, enjoy, dance, play, and EAT.  Yes . . . it's our intention that we have a well designed and organized camp meal EACH night.  So, we are working hard to do our part in providing that space, but we are looking for Skoolers to volunteer to host ONE night of a dinner.  Meaning, you are responsible for the end-to-end experience of dinner.  What music is playing?  What's the lighting like?  Are you going to do something special -- like a live performance? Are you going to have us play a game? Make it your own and WOW your fellow Skoolers with your clever design of a PlayaSkool Dinner.  We will be asking for volunteers in the coming weeks.  But think about it . . . doing something like this for your fellow Skoolers is a good way to GIVE BACK and PARTICIPATE.  

We are VERY excited to announce that we will be hosting TEDxBlackRockCity for the 5th year in a row.  Each year, this program highlights the best and most interesting Ideas Worth Spreading from the community of Black Rock City to the world.  This year, we expect the program to really hit full speed with a line-up that is already in the works.  More to come on this, but TEDxBRC in it's 5th year will be an incredible volunteer project for you to get involved with as well. 

We are working with Taller13 out of Mexico City and their project, "FireDrop."  Elias Cattan is a TEDxBlackRockCity speaker and along with Nelson Gonzalez, also a TEDxBlackRockCity speaker and yours truly (Headmaster Janus), we are beginning a two-year project to create a statement about the importance of water through a large-scale art piece that will serve as an auditorium on the playa in 2016.  Think Embrace of 2014 - FireDrop is shaped like a water droplet, 8 stories tall with the capability of hosting 1000 people inside.  And then, we burn it!  We will be featuring a 3-story prototype of the FireDrop at PlayaSkool this year and hosting talks and conversations surrounding the issues of water and the development of this project. 

Last year we made an attempt to create the first ever Art Car Forum.  It didn't happen.  But this year we hope to put some force behind that interactivity initiative.  Art Cars are an important part of Burning Man and at PlayaSkool we have certainly had our fair share of amazing vehicles on our campus.  From Christina, Queen of the BRC to Shagadellica to Scorpion and BalanceVille to the Paint Bar Art Car and Mirage to Playa One . . . the list goes on and on.  So many of the incredibly gifted artists that dream up, create, operate, and share their art cars are Skoolers.  We hope to create a forum where we celebrate these people, their creations and the future of art cars. 

So . . . I hope that gives you a LITTLE glimpse as to what's ahead.  More to come soon . . . 

Headmaster Janus